Examples of How to Write a Press Release

Writing a press release can be difficult and it can be hard to understand the proper structure. However, they are important in improving your brand’s online marketing and digital network.

A press release helps you connect to the audiences you care about and that is why you need to know every necessary element required to write a good press release. Doing this is easy with some press release examples to learn from.

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A Good Press Release Example is Essential in Writing a Strong Press Release

A good press release that yields good results can easily be written when there are press release examples to guide you in writing one. Some case studies on the effectiveness of a good press release are listed below. A good press release helps in gaining the attention of the audience.

Here are two press release examples from PRNEWS that show the different elements in the press releases of two major companies:

Example One

Title of the release: “Family Caregivers Provide Staggering $470 Billion in Unpaid Care, According to AARP Study,” July 2015

Business goal: Raise awareness of AARP’s strategic goal of supporting family caregivers.

Multimedia elements: An infographic was embedded in the release, highlighting the dollar value of family caregiving. Separately, AARP created original content stemming from the release, including blogs that were posted on the organization’s Facebook page, in addition to a paid media campaign on Facebook. AARP also distributed related information incrementally on Twitter for 10 days. The effort featured a motion graphic that was posted at AARP’s main Twitter handle. The release was accompanied by an audio news release and satellite media tour.

What makes the release unique? AARP delivered research in a way that made it meaningful to stakeholders. “If you can’t paint a picture of how people will be impacted [by information in the release] you won’t succeed,” said Mary Liz Burns, communications strategies director at AARP.

Results: The release reached more than two million audience members in fewer than two weeks, across 21 radio outlets, including national, statewide, and local station/distribution. Total reach on Facebook was nearly 288,000; Twitter reach was 75,440. The motion graphic generated 554 views.

Example Two

Title of the release: “ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 237,000 Jobs in June,” July 2015

Business goal: Show the depth and value of the employment data ADP provides.

Multimedia elements: The release featured four labor-related charts, which can be reproduced easily. An infographic was linked on the page and included historical data. An additional link directed readers to a dedicated website providing more depth. ADP also distributed the data via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs.

What makes the release unique? “A press release, in and of itself, is of little value,” said Dick Wolfe, senior director of corporate communications at ADP. “The [employment report] has to be viewed as part of a larger integrated content strategy.”

Results: The June report netted 514 media placements and 2.23 billion media impressions, Wolfe said, along with stories in top-tier media outlets such as AP and Reuters.

From: https://www.prnewsonline.com/3-case-studies-from-organizations-making-press-releases-work-more-effectively/

These examples show that:

  • Writing a good press release is essential for your brand’s visibility.
  • There should be a template (a press release example) for writing one of the best press releases ever.
  • You need a press release example to know the right structure your press release should take.

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Why Should You Check Other Press Release Examples Before Writing One?

As you already know, a good press release is necessary for taking your brand’s visibility/awareness to the next step. This is why you should write a stellar press release to catch your audience’s attention. To do this, you need to check for some press release examples to guide you through.

A few things you should look out for have been listed to help you with identifying a good press release example, including:

  • Press release examples help you write a good press release which is necessary to engage your audience.
  • It shows you the structure and necessary elements a good press release should contain.

What You Should Know About Press Release Examples

Not all press releases are created equal and that is why you should check out press release examples to help you know which to use as a guideline. You don’t want to be misled into writing a bad press release.

A successful press release example should help you know if your press release is impactful or not. It shouldn’t add to your confusion. It should be clear and concise.

Here are some characteristics to look out for:

A good press release example should have a great headline containing keywords written in title case and the headline should be kept short.

A press release example should have a paragraph that summarizes what the press release is about.

It should include information such as; month, day, city, and year of publication.

To search for a press release example to use as a guideline in writing a press release, you need to check if the press release contains the necessary elements and structure.

A good press release example covers the following:

  1. A good headline containing keywords written in an upper case that is also concise.
  2. A short but interesting paragraph giving the audience an overview of what the press release is all about.
  3. Local information such as; month, city, day, and year of publication.
  4. A first paragraph that tells the purpose of the press release.
  5. A body that gives you detailed information about what the press release is about.
  6. A final paragraph containing information that does not fit into the main body (e.g., your boilerplate).

Using a Press Release Example to Write In-House

If you do not want to out-source your press release to a publishing press to help you write one, a good press release example will make it easy for you to write your brand’s press release with little or no help at all.

Using examples can help you to adjust the press release and write it in your own way, to your own satisfaction.

This helps in the following ways:

  • You do not have to spend money outsourcing the writing of the press release to media houses.
  • You can write the press release the way you want it to be.
  • You get to know how the structure of your press release should be.

Final Recap

Press release examples give you insight into what your press release should look like. It not only helps you write a great press release, but it also helps you to know if a press release written for you is going to be successful or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look out for in a press release example?

A well-written catchy headline that contains keywords and few characters. It should also have a short paragraph that tells you what the press release entails. It should include local information about your brand. It should also have a first paragraph, a body, and the last paragraph.

Will a press release example guide me in writing a press release?

A press release example will guide you in the process of writing a press release for your brand. A press release will help you know the structure and necessary elements your press release should have. A good press release will let you know what should be added and what shouldn’t be in your press release.

How will I know a great press release example?

A press release example should have all the characteristics of a good press release listed. A good press release will help improve your brand’s visibility and digital awareness. Watch out for press release examples that can help you with all you intend to achieve.

How do I write a catchy headline?

A headline should be interesting and should indicate what the press release is all about. The headline shouldn’t be too long; keep it short and meaningful with the necessary keywords about your press release. The headline should be written in title case to catch the attention of the audience.

What is a press release?

A press release is a brief statement covering news announcements about or from an organization. They are used to roll out new product launches and make it easier for journalists and news outlets to report on the news.

How do you end a press release?

The last piece of a press release should be your press contact information. You’ll want to include the phone numbers, contact names, email addresses, and physical addresses.

How is a press release structured?

Normally, press releases contain six parts, which are organized as follows:

  •  Logo, date, location
  • Eye-catching headline
  • Introduction with a strong lead statement
  • Three paragraph body content (leveled by primacy)
  • Boilerplate content
  • Press release contact information

Where do you send press releases?

Distribute press releases to relevant media contacts. These include newspapers, radio, and television.

If you don’t want to spend your time tracking down media outlets, submit your press releases to a press release distribution service like eReleases. Many firms will also write your press releases, saving you even more time and ensuring they get picked up by the media.

Should I send a press release in Word or PDF?

Never send a press release as a PDF. PDFs are challenging to format and are more likely to reduce the chance of your press release being reported on. Instead, use a Microsoft Word document (.doc/.docx) to send your press release. If you do not have Word, it is better to copy and paste directly into an email rather than in a PDF.

Do press releases work?

Yes, press releases do work. Press releases have many benefits.

Besides the obvious benefit of sharing corporate news to the media for reporting purposes, they also help corporations improve their search engine optimization (SEO), improve brand recognition, increase sales, increase market share, and enhance credibility. Press releases can also be a tool for mitigating negative press. They are often used by public relations (PR) firms to help companies improve PR.

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