Where to Find Press Releases Online

With so many avenues for information and stories to travel through, it can be difficult to get your message out into the world. The same can be said when looking for where to find press releases on the web.

Below, we will outline where you can find press releases, and how to go about searching for them on the web. Once you are able to determine where to find press releases, you can begin to think about where you would want to place your press release.

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Proof Online Press Releases Get Seen

Given that over half of Americans look to the internet to get their news, the web cannot be overlooked as a valuable resource for press release visibility. Having press releases placed on the web will allow for more viewership as well as greater access through search engines. Being able to search for a topic and have a press release come up is invaluable to reaching a broad audience.

Press Releases:

  • Can be found by searching online for relevant topics
  • Are frequently viewed by readers, bringing traffic to the original business 
  • Have SEO features that will match topics to a user’s query when a search engine question is asked

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Why is it Important to Know Where to Find Press Releases?

When looking to distribute a press release, or even to check up on current information, having the knowledge of web searches is key. Blindly searching for releases is a waste of time for both businesses and readers alike, so knowing what to look for will pay off.

Searching for Press Releases:

  • Requires little to no background in press releases or distribution
  • Can easily be accomplished on search engines such as Google
  • Will help you better understand how the distribution process works

What you Should Know About Finding Press Releases

With the advent of modern technology, press releases are almost solely distributed over the internet and displayed on relevant social media feeds. Having press releases integrated online makes searching for content significantly easier than before. Now, all you need to do is type in pertinent information on a search engine to find the press release you were looking for. 

Press Release Search Considerations:

  • Identify your keywords or content you are looking to find
  • Distribution companies will often publish your press release on their website, so searching their archives could be helpful
  • Press releases can be circulated on social media, so if you know which platform was used, you can search through that medium

How to Find Press Releases

To find press releases, identify what type of press release you are looking for and the time frame you want to search in. Having a clear idea of what you want to find will ultimately help you in your search process. 

  1. Identify where the press release was distributed (online, social media, radio station, newspaper) 
  2. Search online for the company that issued the release or the title of the press release
  3. Sort through relevant articles or topics to find the release you are looking for

Additional ways to Look for Press Releases

With search engines being the primary tool, it can be difficult to think of other avenues for finding press releases. When thinking about where to find press releases, it is important to think about outlets where you would normally find them such as news channels or social media. 

Other places you can find press releases:

  • Searching directly on a distribution company’s website
  • Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit
  • Search engine news platforms such as Google News 

Final Recap

Knowing where to find a press release will save you time and will also give you insight to the distribution process. Search engines are the easiest way to search for press releases and will give you immediate results for the content you are looking for.

Other methods for finding  press releases include searching on press release distribution sites, looking through social media outlets, scanning news websites such as Google News, and looking for mainstream media sources such as newspapers. However, in this day and age, you will find more success when looking for press releases on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all press releases distributed online?

No, some press releases are still distributed through radio and traditional news casting. But, the majority of these releases are also distributed digitally which allows the releases to be transmitted over various mediums. 

How can I find a specific press release online?

If you know the name of the organization that produced the press release, begin by searching for that organization on Google followed by the phrase “press release.” Or, you can search for the keyword or key phrase that would have been used such as “Quarter One reports” plus the name of that company. Lastly, you could search for the distribution company that publishes their releases to search in their archives. 

How can I find press releases on social media?

Depending on the social media platform you are using, there are a couple of ways to search for specific content. If you are using a platform such as Facebook or Twitter, type in your keyword or company name in the search bar. For platforms such as Instagram, you may want to search for relevant hashtags instead. 

Does SEO affect how press releases show up online in a search?

Yes, SEO is the main factor that will bring a press release to either the top or bottom of a search engine query. When a press release is submitted digitally, the article is indexed by the search engine and ranked based on factors such as relevance, links, content, images, and overall quality. Having a press release optimized for search engines will increase viewership as it will bring the release higher up in the ranking system.

Does it cost money to search for or read press releases?

You can read the contents of any publicly produced press releases at no cost — as these are found on search engines, social media platforms, and distribution sites. The only portion of press releases that is costly is the production and distribution process because companies often pay a third-party source to distribute the press release. 

What is a press release?

A press release is a brief statement covering news announcements about or from an organization. They are used to roll out new product launches and make it easier for journalists and news outlets to report on the new business information.

How do you end a press release?

The last piece of a press release should be your press contact information. You’ll want to include phone number(s), contacts’ name(s), email address, and physical address.

How is a press release structured?

Normally, press releases contain six parts organized as follows:

  • Logo, date, location
  • Eye-catching headline
  • Introduction with a strong lead statement
  • Three paragraph body content (leveled by primacy)
  • Boilerplate content
  • Press release contact information

Where do you send press releases?

Distribute press releases to relevant media contacts. This includes newspapers, radio, and television.

If you don’t want to spend your time tracking down media outlets, submit your press releases to a press release distribution service like eReleases. Many firms will also write your press releases, saving you even more time and ensuring they get picked up by the media.

Should I send a press release as a Word Doc or PDF?

Never send a press release as a PDF. PDFs are challenging to format and are more likely to reduce the chance of your press release being reported on. Instead, use MS Word (.doc/.docx) to send your press release. If you do not have Word, it is better to copy and paste directly into an email rather than in a PDF.

Do press releases work?

Yes, press releases do work. Press releases have many benefits.

Besides the obvious benefit of sharing corporate news to the media for reporting purposes, they also help corporations improve their search engine optimization (SEO), improve brand recognition, increase sales, increase market share, and enhance credibility. Press releases can also be a tool for mitigating negative press. They are often used by public relations firms to help companies improve PR.

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