SiteTrail vs. CISION PRWeb

Looking for the best press release distribution service for your business? Find out whether SiteTrail or CISION PRWeb is the best option.

Discover how they measure up in this side-by-side comparison review as we look at pricing, ease of use, features, and their customer services.


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SiteTrail vs. CISION PRWeb: Which Is Better?

Before we dig into this review, let’s first outline which is the better overall deal.

While Sitetrail charges $99 for its basic package, CISION PRWeb’s package prices remain a mystery, but they claim to have some budget-friendly offerings. CISION PR Web will custom design a package to suit your company’s needs — for an undisclosed price that varies according to particular goals. Go with Sitetrail (the winner) to get a polished press release edited by the Sitetrail team and distributed across various platforms. 

If you want the best press release with a large volume of links that is included in Google News, visit Sitetrail.

If you want something highly specialized or custom fit for your needs, visit CISION PRWeb.

Read our Best Press Release Distribution Service 2021 review to find the right press release distribution for your business’s specific needs.

What Do SiteTrail and CISION PRWeb Have in Common?

By all accounts, both Sitetrail and CISION PRWeb have quite a bit in common. 

Here is a list of some of their similarities:

  • Price: Both companies offer a variety of package options at many different price points.
  • Ease of Use: Sitetrail and CISION PRWeb have user-friendly platforms making it fairly simple to distribute a press release.
  • Features: Both companies offer an impressive range of additional services that increases the value of their product. Sitetrail offers added authentic editorial news, and CISION PRWeb will employ a variety of strategies to boost your company’s digital footprint.
  • Customer Service: Both Sitetrail and CISION PRWeb have a customer support network that can answer difficult questions and walk you through the process of distributing your press release.

Side-by-Side Comparison

SiteTrail: Prices

  • Basic – $99
  • Business – $299
  • Popular – $999
  • Premium – $2,950

CISION PRWeb: Prices

  • Basic – $99
  • Standard – $189
  • Advanced – $289
  • Premium – $389

SiteTrail: Ease of Use

  1. Visit the Sitetrail website
  2. Click on “Press Release Services” 
  3. Decide on a package 
  4. Order Now

CISION PRWeb: Ease of Use

  1. Visit the CISION PRWeb website
  2. Click on “Create a Free Account & Get Started” 
  3. Select a package
  4. Check out

SiteTrail Features

  • Basic 700-word press release, five-channel syndication, distribution to one Google News and one US-based news site, Google News indexing, and online distribution.
  • Business Two 700-word articles, unlimited global syndicates, Google News indexing, and RSS syndication to over 40 media outlets and to its network of industry-specific journalists.
  • Popular Two 700-word articles, delivery to unlimited channels and countries, two Google News indexed articles, basic SEO service, and RSS syndication to over 40 media platforms.
  • Premium — Five 700-word news articles, five Google News indexed articles, unlimited distribution channels (including APNews, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance), multiple countries, advanced SEO service, and RSS syndication.

CISION PRWeb Features

  • Basic — This package gets you permanent hosting of a single press release on the PRWeb website to increase web visibility on Google, Bing, and other search engines.
  • Standard This package offers the ability to syndicate a press release on hundreds of media platforms and permanent hosting of a single press release on the PRWeb website.
  • Advanced — With this package, you can email your press release directly to industry-focused influencers, permanent hosting of a single press release on the PRWeb website, and syndicate a press release on hundreds of media platforms.
  • Premium— The Premium package allows you to distribute your press release to industry-curated Twitter feeds and influential blogger networks, email your press release directly to industry-focused influencers, permanent hosting of a single press release on the PRWeb website, and syndicate a press release on hundreds of media platforms.

Customer Service

Both Sitetrail and CISION PRWeb exhibited decent customer service when we reached out to them. Though Sitetrail offers support primarily via email, the support was sufficient, and their response rate was timely — often within the hour of sending out the form.


Sitetrail offers just online support. 

  • To reach them online, visit their website and click on “Contact.” You’ll be prompted to fill out a form. They accept online support requests 24/7, 365 days a year.


CISION PRWeb offers phone support and email support. 

  • To reach them by phone, call 1-877-297-8912.
  • To reach them by email, visit the PRWeb website and click on “Contact Us.” From there, fill out the attached contact submission form.

Customer Reviews

Here are some customer reviews for Sitetrail and CISION PRWeb from trustworthy, third-party online review sites.


Listed below are some legitimate reviews from the Trustpilot website written by customers who have used Sitetrail to help spread the news about their business:

“This agency helped me a lot to get real media coverage. They exceeded my expectations and I ended up getting verified on Instagram shortly after.”

Delivered the work in a timely manner and exceeded our expectations considering the price we paid. Overall a positive experience.

“They got us into Entrepreneur magazine and another top publication in a short time. Great service.”


Listed below are some legitimate reviews pulled from Sitejabber and Better Business Bureau written by customers who have used CISION PRWeb to help spread the news about their business.

“Cision provides a service to businesses that allows them to access media and PR contacts across industries. Their software is meant to be an all-inclusive solution that includes marketing outreach tools, analytics and more. It’s all very effective and good value for money.”

“We were using PR web initially and were actually happy with the results. It was only for the US market and the release was automatically picked up by some outlets (nothing major) but it did a decent job. We investigated the option of international publishing and they suggested PR Newswire. They required a membership and the fee to send the release to Mexico only was about 700 PLUS 300 just to add an image. They said that their reporting was going to be better than PR Web and that this service was better with a guarantee of publication from their parteras. Cut to the release being sent and their report being exactly the same as PR web. The release was picked up by blogs and small sites with little to no readership. When we contacted the agent in charge of our account, he told us “you may want to create a google alert for free” and mentioned that their reporting only gave us automatic postings like PR web. Mind that their service is 4 times more expensive. The release was sent on behalf of a client that is from Mexico and knows all about the Mexican media. Not one half decent outlet picked up or saw the release. Only one site on google reported found and was from a very small town in a small state in mexico. We contacted Cision to see they could do anything, as our client was furious and they had no way of helping at all.

Bottom line is that their service did not deliver what they promised. It’s overpriced and will not get you anywhere near what you want.”

Which Press Release Service Should You Choose?

Sitetrail and CISION PRWeb offer comparable press release distribution services that increase traffic and visibility for your company. Both have affordable packages and the ability to improve your SEO. However, in our opinion, Sitetrail has some distinct advantages that make them the best press release distribution company.

CISION PRWeb is known for distributing to a wide range of outlets, many of which are top-tier. Unfortunately, there have been a few complaints about the service but all in all it is a decent service and is an affordable option.

If you’re still unsure of which is best for your particular needs, let’s look at some scenarios that might help you decide.

Choose SiteTrail if:

You need lengthier press releases and don’t mind forgoing distribution while saving on money.

Choose CISION PRWeb if:

You need a custom or specialized press release package along with great customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more costly, SiteTrail or CISION PRWeb?

Sitetrail has a moderately priced basic package but provides a lot more value: PR writing and a vast network of journalists, ensuring your press releases are picked up by news outlets. CISION PRWeb has highly-priced packages as well as some budget-friendly options for smaller businesses.

Are higher-end packages an option with either SiteTrail or CISION PRWeb?

Both Sitetrail and CISION PRWeb have packages to accommodate various budget, distribution, and PR needs. Site Trail’s highest packaged price is $2,950 and includes distribution to various countries and channels. CISION PRWeb’s press releases include 3,000 newsrooms, 170 countries, and 10,000 websites.

Between SiteTrail and CISION PRWeb, which one is fastest and most cost-effective?

Sitetrail offers a low price point, faster turnaround, and a wide range, high-impact distribution. On the other hand, CISION PR Web is more customized and known for reaching a wide range of outlets.

Are images, logos, and embedded video able to be included?

Yes, Sitetrail allows two images per release and two permanent dofollow links to your website. For a fee, CISION PRWeb press release service will allow you to include a variety of assets, such as images, logos, and videos as part of your press release.

Do both services offer a report showing the effect or impact of the press release?

Both Sitetrail and CISION PRWeb provide reports detailing where the press release was accepted. Both companies provide reports revealing a substantial amount of actionable data with indicators that reveal the overall performance of your press release.

What is the best press release distribution service?

The best press release distribution service depends on your goals. A reputable company will provide you with a press release service that provides superior writing and distribution capabilities. A company that can provide excellent customer support and that can customize its services to meet your individual needs is also an excellent choice.

What is a press release distribution service?

A press release distribution service can send out your news releases to several different media sources. They specialize in putting together customized news releases, and the news distribution company will take care of mailing, faxing, and even printing your materials so that you don’t have to worry about them. 

A PR distribution service will usually charge more than you would pay to have a professional write your release, but you end up saving money in the long run because a reputable service will mail your materials for less than you would pay a professional business to do the same thing.

How do I distribute a press release for free?

Many people ask this question and want to know how to distribute a press release for free, especially if they have just developed a new product. In order to distribute a press release for free, you write the press release and distribute it yourself. Be aware, however, that this free method may cost you more in time than it is worth.

Are press releases worth it?

Press releases are a great way to get the word out about your product and business. Whether it is worth it depends on your unique business needs. It is best to put together a marketing strategy that incorporates a press release plan.

How do you distribute a press release locally?

Begin by writing a press release for your local audience. Once you have done this, reach out to local news outlets to discuss getting your news published. The better written your press release, the better your chances of getting it broadcasted locally.

Why do companies issue press releases?

Why issue a press release? You might think that a simple press release is all that you need to do in order to get the word out about your new product or service. However, that’s not the case. 

If you want to ensure that your press release is picked up and distributed, you need to make sure that you follow a number of important steps to ensure that your press release has the best chance of success. 

Any company that wishes to issue a press release should follow these steps:

  1. Write a great press release.
  2. Reach out to media outlets that your customers are connected with.
  3. Ensure your press release gets published.

Are press releases outdated?

Since press releases are still used routinely and are a major component of online marketing, it is fair to assume that they are still important and relevant today.

How do I make my press release stand out?

In our experience, press releases are written, distributed, and edited with the same attention to detail as any other magazine or newspaper story. 

In addition to this attention to detail, a successful press release must generate attention and stand out. The best way to accomplish this is to study other press releases and determine how you can make yours unique. Find inspiration from those who were successful before you.

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